The relationship of the firm members is centred on trust, respect, fairness, equal opportunities and team work. Our teamwork resembles that of a hive of bees. There’s a sense of ownership of the practice in everyone. We have an integral system of support for individual academic and practical advancement as well as competitive rewards based on each one’s personal, as well as teamwork contribution.

Our legal service delivery has led to the growth of our client base, as our value chain benefits from:

LOYALTY – We strive to balance the scales of justice through loyalty to our clients, courts, the state, society, Law Society and professional colleagues.

COMPETENCE – Our experience effects, continuous legal training, practical wisdom, common sense, innovation and investment into information technology, research and development allows for best results for our clients.

OBJECTIVITY – We are guided by honesty, frankness, respect and thoroughness in carrying out clients work.

HARDWORK – Our clients require the best results and for that we do not shy away from hard work.

GENTLEMAN /LADIES – We value being gentleman and ladies full of practical wisdom.

Office Support System

Information technology

We have invested very much in IT. This allows for efficient and timely delivery of legal services over and above the easy of storage. IT software is made use for internal and external communication. Law-pack Accounting software is used in the accounts department for capturing information and accounting to clients. Legal precedents, law reports and legal instruments are captured through IT.

Research Fellow

The fellow heads research into all areas of the law but mostly the novel or grey areas. Acts more like the Bar with the rest of the lawyers being the side-bar. Allows for efficient time management with the rest of the lawyers spending less time researching complex areas of law, thus having more time for execution of clients instructions.

Marketing, Business Development and IT Executive

Within the confines of legal ethics on advertising, the incumbent in this department assists identifying negative aspects in service delivery to permit correction. They also point out the positives in service delivery to allow for maintenance of standards. The Executive also spearheads business development through innovation.


All the administrative or management duties are carried out by an Assistant Administration Officer. This allows for the legal practitioners to concentrate on their core business.

Conference Centre

The firm has a fully equipped conference centre for lawyers brainstorming on legal issues, conferences with clients, partners meetings and social interactions of firm members at specified times.

Anti-Corruption /Bribery Policy

It is the firm’s policy to conduct all business in a professional, ethical and transparent manner. To this end GLG has a written Anti-Corruption/Bribery Policy document to which all employees are educated and append their signatures. GLG takes a zero tolerance approach to corruption and bribery. As a legal firm, we are lawyers first, business people second and lawyers last. We are guided by legal professional principles as enunciated in the sources of legal ethics, duty bound to adherence to corporate governance issues in the conduct of our business and jealously guard professionalism through fairness, integrity, competence in the delivery of legal services. [Policy Document available at our offices]